Jennifer Walsh


Jennifer has an extensive background in dance, choreography, instruction and mentorship. Having focussed on teaching and choreography for the last 25 years Jennifer has had a dream of opening a studio where she can be "tru" to herself and help others do the same. Jennifer's classes are all dance-based but many are dance fitness classes geared towards anybody of any age and ability who wants to experience the joys and benefits of dance and movement.

Using her foundation and experience in dance and instruction Jennifer has developed awesome classes to work your body, mind and soul but targeting fun, fitness and self-esteem. Whether gentle and controlled Ballet Fit classes or busting out to Latin Rhythms, Jennifer’s passion and love for what she does shows in every style!

Jennifers goal is to build a community where anyone can be guided by expert instructors to enjoy the style of movement that best suits them and makes them feel fantastic. Also, a place where everyone feels safe and maybe even can challenge themselves to step out of the box, try something new and experience the magic of movement.

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