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A yin-yang fusion yoga class that starts by gently moving, flowing, and breathing through the stagnant spots of your body. Utilizing your bodies beautiful ability to expand and support. We will then flow right down into a yummy yin class, holding stretches that lengthen and release tension from the body. Bring a blanket and any props to suit your needs.

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HATHA yoga

Strong and stable movement with strong and stable breath. A well rounded practice that is nurturing to all levels or experience of yoga. A balance or yin and yang with an intuitive sequence of strength and ease.

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The low impact but dynamic mix of sweat and surrender will challenge you to your edge and encourage you to reach your true potential. The Power sequence is a series of obtainable postures that flow from one to the next, on breath and devotion. Modifications offered for less intense and more advanced pose options. 

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Energize yourself with a dynamic fusion of yoga and core movements that will stimulate the body, spirit and mind. This athletic class is suitable for all levels and will amplify your agility for the outdoor activities you love doing. By weaving the breath through the poses, improving balance and abdominal work, this class will connect the dots, enhancing your concentration, core strength and general wellbeing.

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Dance / Fitness


Blending cardio, dance, Pilates, and strength techniques to work your whole body. Groove it out to get the heart rate going and then work the muscles by using small, isometric movements to tone, lengthen and fire up those legs, abs, and arms. This class is fun-filled and good for all abilities!

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If you like Zumba you’ll LOVE this! Learn the basics of Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Dance Hall and Reggaeton! Shimmy, shake, and feel caliente with this rhythmic total body workout! A sizzlin workout for every ability.

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A class for all levels to work on your overall fitness!  Cardio, Upper Body and Core on Tuesdays and Cardio, Lower Body and Core on Thursdays. Progressions are given to make this challenging to each person according to their abilities and goals. Strenghen, tone, sculpt and feel fabulous!

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This smooth and rhythmic tap class is great for beginners or experienced adult tappers alike.

This 6 week program will introduce (or refresh) the foundations of tap. Basic skills, musicality and combinations will take you through this lovely series of classes. 

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Cultivate confidence, feel empowered, connect to the sensuality within you.

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This series is a fusion of Egyptian style belly dance and Latin style Bachata Sensual. Introducing the fundamental footwork and stylings of Bachata and layering on the isolated muscle movements of Belly dance. There will be stretching and light low impact exercises dedicated to the four major muscles of the abdomen, your glutes, and your thighs. The majority of the class is dedicated to a choreography for you to practice and enjoy and discover you inner goddess!

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